To Followers and New Guests...

To Followers and New Guests...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Olympics Picks

Yes, I am an Olympic junkie. I think it may be in my DNA. I remember watching with my grandparents, and with my parents. And then there were special events that I watched with my Mom, such as Ladies Figure Skating. That event was so significant, it rated popcorn. Mom made perfect popcorn. She used a copper bottomed kettle over a gas stove. There was never a burnt or unpopped kernel. I guess it sort of was Olympic Popcorn. It was appropriate for its technical difficulty and level of artistry. I have learned to appreciate these elements, whether in popcorn or Olympic sports. Yes, I miss watching the Games with her. In her memory, I put her picture facing towards the TV when the games are on.
Fast forward to the year the Jamaicans first entered the Winter Olympics. I cannot imagine what level of faith it would take to even aspire to such an ‘impossible dream’. Or what level of determination it would take to remain on task. I could not fathom what strength of spirit would feed the optimism. But then, I had never been to Jamaica.
Other than soaking in the Caribbean sun, my only ‘goal’ on that 1st trip was to find an Olympic Bobsled Team t-shirt. I came away from that island with all the usual tropical tourist memories and mementos. I found the t-shirt, and learned that the sport is driving a bobsleigh, not sled. And I learned where the team found their spirit, determination and resilience. It is, to me, what defines the people of Jamaica. I have come to know some of those special folks, solidifying my opinion. My husband met them on our honeymoon, and came away with the same thoughts. We’ve been back 5 times, and hope to again. Not just for sun, sand, jerk chicken and Red Stripe beer. It’s the people. There are few words to describe them. Warm, yes, but not just from the sun, it’s from the heart.
So the Bobsleigh team did not make it this year, and I am disappointed. But there was a representative in the Parade of Nations. His name is Errol Kerr, and his sport is Ski Cross. Yes, we’ll root for Team USA; we are after all, Americans. But we will be rooting for Team Jamaica as well, because we are, after all, Jamericans. Respect concrete Errol!

Friday, February 19, 2010

WTD goes for Gold

WTD goes for Gold
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I do SO love the Olympics; it is the closest we ever get to world peace. It is only fitting that one of my favorite ducks is there capturing all the excitement! Go Team USA! (and I do so wish that WTD will be capturing the 'ski-cross' for Team Jamaica as well) ;) WTD goes for Gold

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

February March of the Penguins

Some years ago, in anticipation of yet another Valentine’s Day ‘alone’ I responded to a personal ad in the paper. My goal was basically “conversation” and not much more. As fate would have it, the conversation on that Valentine’s Day was nicer than I had expected. It even resulted in an agreement to meet. We agreed to a time during the day, in a public place. The day was a Sunday. The place was the Milwaukee County Zoo, specifically near the penguins. While other details have become ‘foggy’ over the passing of time, I still remember exactly how he looked that first time I saw him. He had the collar of his leather bomber jacket pulled up, shielding his neck from the wind. He looked cold. The penguins seemed to be comfortable enough. After a polite exchange of introductions and comments on weather suitable for penguins, our conversation made the inevitable leap to the penguins. They were, after all, playing the role of chaperones in this scenario. We began to stroll along through other exhibits, ending up at the polar bears. One was quite active, playing underwater basketball. A crowd began to gather; very few animals were this active in February. When the bear tired of us paparazzi, he returned to his den. The crowd dispersed as well. The chill of February remained, and we agreed to continue our meeting in a warmer locale. We bade our farewells to the penguins. I joined him for pizza at Marty’s. I brought photos of my art as conversation pieces. He brought photos of his grandparents, his parent’s farm, and his niece in an antique Norwegian cradle. I had never met a man who carried pictures of three generations of his family with him. He reacted to my art photos as if he was in the presence of greatness.
Somewhere in these memories is the beginning of ‘us’. He proposed by attaching a poster size 'personal ad' to a tree where I usually ate my lunch in Washington Park. I said yes. Years before the big screen debut of penguins and their chilly courtship rituals we began our own. You can learn a lot from penguins.
Happy Valentine’s Day

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ode for the Olympiad

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· Occasions ·
Ordeals · Outshine! · Obtain · Ovations!
· Onlookers · Overcome, ·
Oh! · Oration · One…
· One People · One Spirit... · One Tribe! · One World · OPEN!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Embrace Life

I came across this 'accidentally' from a link mentioned on twitter. It has been a priority, and a practice for me since before my children were born. I decided to share it today because of the winter storm, of course. But before that even occured to me, I was just taken in by the simple eloquence of this. I hope it haunts you, as long as it haunts me.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Help for Haiti

Mary Engelbreit is a favorite artist of mine. While I do not have permission to use her work here, I can provide a link to the poster she is offering on her site:
I think its awesome, all so very yellow and 'breit'. All proceeds from the poster sale are going to Doctors Without Borders. I already ordered mine; I'm hoping I can get in on the batch Mary has autographed!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In The Winter

In the winter, bears are sleeping
Safe in Mother Nature’s keeping
In the winter, flowers doze,
Quiet in a deep repose
In the winter, waters chill
“Til their very currents still.
In the winter, man will ponder
Absences that make him fonder
Of the water , and the bear,
and the flowers sleeping there.

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