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To Followers and New Guests...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Reindeer

From 'Pre-blogging Era' archive 'inklingz': A Reflection While Taking Down Christmas 2000

The Reindeer
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Since the first year I saw Boston Store’s “forest” of Christmas trees, I’ve made an annual stop in their “Trim-A-Tree” section. That first year, there was a tree decorated with animals of all sorts...perfect additions to my Peaceable Kingdom themed tree. I don’t recall if I bought any myself-probably not. I did tell Mom about it. That same year my Christmas gift from her was a large assortment of the animals. Before the 12 Days of Christmas ended, I received more animals. Mom said they were a ‘Feast of the 3 Kings’ gift.
And so I’ve gone back to Boston Store almost every year, hoping to find more. Mom continued to find animals there, as well as other places. She’d present them to me on occasions or for no reason at all.
Funny...we never went to Boston Store together...
The “Trim-A-Tree” department has changed over the years, There’s no “forest” anymore (sigh) but they still have an unusual collection; unique things you’re not likely to find elsewhere.
I remember stopping there in 2000, Mom’s last year. The array of ornaments was just as enchanting as ever. But even with the bustling crowd of shoppers, there was a bittersweet emptiness. I knew one of Boston Store’s best customers would not be with them this year, or any year to come.
I continued to survey the glittering goodies, hoping to ease the sadness I felt. I was drawn to an assortment of snowmen, and to my delight, I found an ornament for my own daughter’s snowman collection. It was a miniature “snow couple” roasting a marshmallow over a candle. The little ‘snow lady’ appeared to be blowing on the candle’s flame, as if to toast their holiday morsel faster. Perfect...and it was on sale! A new mother /daughter tradition was born.
I made one more wistful inspection in hopes of finding a unique animal. There, back in a corner was a reindeer. He (she?) was a contemporary and graceful creature, with a sleek white body. Its antlers were sparkly green tinsel. Its legs were whimsical red and white striped wires with a curly twist where its ‘knees’ would be. A wreath of metallic holly encircled its neck.
The sleek white body reminded me of an angel’s grace. The green tinsel antlers appealed to my sense of tradition. I was reminded of the passion Mom and I shared for all things red & white striped. Those fanciful legs were yet another twist we’d have enjoyed.
This surely would’ve been the animal Mom would’ve found for me this year. Perfect...and it was on sale!
I came away from the “Trim-A-Tree” at Boston Store with a heart less heavy, and with treasures to keep and to share.
I have a new tradition to carry on. I think Mom would be proud.
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