To Followers and New Guests...

To Followers and New Guests...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lake Beulah means...

You can go sailing on Lake Beulah, and many people do...

but for my husband it's for fishing. He came home early Friday for an assortment of reasons. Then he realized that fishing was an option and off he went in his (not for sailing) boat.

Some time later he returned and uttered his oft repeated phrase: Lake Beulah is an old Native American name for 'Lake With-no-fish-in-it'.

I do not know the etymology of the word Beulah, but I strongly suspect it is not of Native American origin. It is ironic, considering that many of Wisconsin's waterways do have Native American names.

There is even a song about it, called:
'Ye Say They Have All Passed Away'
from the Big Top Chautauqua production of '30th Star'. It was written by Warren Nelson for the 1998 Wisconsin Sesquicentennial. The lyrics point to all the many tribes that are now gone, but their 'names are still on our waters' . Lake Winnebago, Kickapoo River, Mukwonago River all have that spiritual link to the past. It is my favorite track on the '30th Star' CD. The Big Top Chautauqua site still has it in their store at

12:30PM---THIS JUST IN---

This morning my husband did catch (and release)* a 14 inch bass on Lake Beulah. This thereby proves that Lake Beulah does not mean Lake With-no-fish-in-it.
*That man of mine is an avid angler, and by choice a Catch and Release fisherman. He has requested that I issue the following disclaimer:
No fish were harmed in the posting of this blog. Thank you.

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