To Followers and New Guests...

To Followers and New Guests...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ya Mon!

The week has gone by so fast! But not as fast as world record setting pace of Usain Bolt of Jamaica! I was rooting for him when he competed in the Beijing Olympics last year too. Just as I have also rooted for the Jamaican Bobsled team. This will come as no surprise to the people who know me as a ‘Jamerican’.
Yes, I do love Wisconsin and the United States of America. These represent my home; they are my roots. Jamaica, W.I. (West Indies) is representative of my wings. Not only have I had wonderful vacations there, I discovered part of my soul there. Maybe it was the Caribbean ocean waves in that beautiful aqua blue. Maybe it was the warmth of the sun, or the cool of the tradewinds. Maybe it was the exotic wonder of a tropical place with waterfalls and vividly colored birds. Maybe it was the rum. Or maybe it was the people. There in this third world country, many true hardships do prevail. But the people remain hard working and hopeful for a better day. I do admire these island folk. They are always ready to laugh, to sing and to dance. There is sweetness to them, even the grumpiest of taxi drivers. Their Faith, whether Christian or Rastafarian is their compass. When expressed in their music it is as uplifting as it is infectious.
There will be threads of these reflections in future posts. I wasn’t really sure when I was going to start working it in, but celebrating Jamaica’s accomplishments in the World championships seemed as good a time as any.
The week has been busy in other ways. My biggest accomplishment was installing WI-FI all by myself. Who knew I would ever be able to celebrate my own geekiness? I did not know I even possessed an inner geek! It makes for endless possibilities. (Well maybe not in Track and field; I walk faster than I can run) The other big excitement is discovering that Hallmark has an ongoing competition for greeting cards. Apparently this has been going on for at least a year already; I can’t imagine how I could not know. And I cannot wait till they announce the next version. I have been in training for this all my life. I will keep posting about this adventure as it evolves. Stay tuned...

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