To Followers and New Guests...

To Followers and New Guests...

Thursday, January 7, 2010


When I began looking for references for the Orthodox celebrations of Christmas for the January 6 post, I had hoped to clarify just which Orthodox church the holiday belonged to, and where these ‘festivities' took place. I wanted this clarity for myself, but also to share. Maybe in the global web-o-verse, I could have a chance of wishing Merry Christmas to some faraway folk. I encountered both clarity and more confusion in that January 7 was also considered as Christmas Day, and there were Eastern Orthodox and Russian Orthodox churches. I used sources from Minsk and also from RT, which I think could stand for Russian Television. A common theme pointed to an increase in such celebrations because there was more religious freedom now than there used to be.
Later in the evening, my husband turned to a program on a local Public Television station called
'How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin'

and I overheard Minsk in the narration. Irony is not befitting enough a word for the story that unfolded. I was immediately transported back in time when Beatlemania ruled all the corners of the free world. It had never occurred to me what it meant to those behind the iron curtain. While I was making fledgling sketches of guitars, there were young people making black-market bootlegs of Beatle records on (of all things) x-rays. Turns out that x-ray of Uncle Chekov’s ribs was suitable material to cut record grooves in. And the Beatles may very well have influenced whether or not there are religious observances of Christmas in Minsk. To learn more about the Beatles influence on the Kremlin, click HERE . I also highly recommend watching the program, and you can find a link to that HERE.
(Merry Christmas!)

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