To Followers and New Guests...

To Followers and New Guests...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Year Ago April

In April of last year I was immersed in a painting for my friend’s 10th wedding anniversary. I really wanted to be able to show off the end result, and really had no way to do so. My website was seriously out of date, and reconfiguring it was likely to be a Herculean task. I didn’t even know what I needed to know.
I did not blog, nor did I know what a ‘blog roll’ was. (I did know that blogs were often a good source of various kinds of information.) I was not on facebook. I did not ‘tweet’ but I had spent some time on Twitter trying to figure it out. I did not know what a tiny URL or a was. I did not know how to Share or AddThis. I had seen videos on You Tube, but didn’t realize you could collect them all in your own little ‘channel’. I had tried flickr, but wasn’t really aware of its possibilities.
In June of 2009 the Grand Experiment began with this blog. I intended to highlight artwork other than my paintings while researching new website possibilities. I joined facebook, and figured that out, sorta. I got an Open ID. I started tweeting as ‘moonflowrstudio’ (had to leave a vowel out due to character limits).(Ironically, there's no limit to the characters you can find there). I read blogs and tutorials on building websites. I downloaded software. I investigated limitless possibilities.
It took 3 serious failures, but I did manage to launch a new
moonflowerstudio site in October. There are still things to tweak, but all in all, I am proud of it. When I step back and survey the little ‘moon-i-verse’ I have put together I find myself pondering. Where do I go from here…?
Ancora Imparo:
I am still learning...
…I don’t have to decide for now…it's Saturday

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Christina said...

i look forward to it. and i am so glad you started blogging, and that our paths crossed. : )

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