To Followers and New Guests...

To Followers and New Guests...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pails in Comparison

We were watching weather alerts on TV Monday. The sudden blast of wind and rain got our attention. The swirling graphics on the weather map were cause for concern. Isn't that over our house? One more clap of thunder - we were surrounded by darkness. It's amazing how fast your mind can go when threatened.
The weather radio was quiet; while still connected to household power it couldn't switch to battery mode. Maybe that was a good thing. Our senses started scanning the situation. We were not hearing train sounds or sirens. Just thunder and lots of rain. The lightning was brilliant enough to see whether or not our surroundings were in peril. I decided to try and capture it on my camera.
I found this to be a handy way to rid yourself of dazzling lightning. The threatening clouds whisked by.
Being forcibly 'unplugged' from the world is difficult when you really want news. The last time we lost power we still had the use of a little battery operated TV. The big switch to to digital removed that option. We did have flashlights. This was good, because a well without power means no plumbing. We needed light to walk to the water and fill up pails. The magical twinkling of fireflies were little comfort when stumbling over branches to fill up pails. Tired and cranky, it was hard to sleep in my stuffy, humid house.
When the morning arrived, and the power returned, I was still hungry for news.
And there on the screen were the folks of Eagle. They did not have stuffy, humid houses-they had NO houses. While I was grumbling, they were scrambling for their lives. Thankfully no lives were lost and only one minor injury reported. Which is a miracle when you see the damage. I thanked God for that. Less than 10 miles away from me and my water buckets are shattered homes.
I am humbled. My trials are a day at the beach by comparison. I am saying prayers for those affected so much worse than I. And I am saying prayers of thanksgiving for my buckets
...and the fireflies.

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