To Followers and New Guests...

To Followers and New Guests...

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bella Buon Natale

There was a knock at the door around sunset. That made the young lady standing there harder to see. I opened the storm door and a small voice said "Merry Christmas!" brightly. She was holding a large tray of assorted Christmas cookies and candy canes, all carefully covered with plastic wrap. I was unsure of what I should do, so I replied "Merry Christmas!"
She lifted the festive tray higher and repeated her greeting. In stunned confusion and curiosity I muttered "Are you bringing me cookies?" She lifted the tray a bit higher. "Yes! Merry Christmas!" I took the tray from her outstretched arms. I did not recognize the young lady but her confectionery gift seemed to be wrapped in sincerity as well as plastic.  "Why?!" I asked. "Because my Mom said so...Merry Christmas!", she replied.
My guess was that this was a first for both of us. Her first delivery to a stranger, my first from a stranger. We were both unsure offer our roles. So I opted for impromptu FUN.
"Are you an ELF?" She giggled at the concept. "NoO0!"
"Then who ARE you?!"
"I am Bella ...from across the street. "
She waved her arm in a flourish as if the distance WAS to the North Pole.
I told Bella that I thought her name was beautiful. I told Bella I thought her name MEANT 'beautiful' in Italian. (She beamed at the recognition) I also told Bella that she had really made my day. I thanked Bella profusely ~ and then realized we still hadn't been introduced. I put out my hand and said, "Merry Christmas Bella, my name is Süsy."
She extended her arm and offered a warm handshake.
"Merry Christmas Süsy, I am Bella."
Yes you are Bella, yes you are.

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