To Followers and New Guests...

To Followers and New Guests...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Today’s Birthdays…’appy Birthday Harry! (and JK Rowling too!)

I do not know which grandchild first created this very special drawing-or for that matter, when. I only recently discovered it when looking something up in the ‘Sorcerer’s Stone' book. A fellow Potter fan had recently pointed out that Sirius Black is mentioned in the very beginning of the first book. When Dumbledore asks Hagrid where he got the motorcycle, Hagrid says that…Black lent it to him. (Yup, you gotta go look it up now too right?) When I got out my copy, there was this drawing stuffed inside the cover. Whoosh, it was just like a trip in Dumbledore’s pensieve; suddenly I was back to when I first fell under JK Rowling’s spell. I was so very very skeptical. Nothing could honestly live up to all the hype now could it? What did matter however is that my grandchild was reading this book, and had been enchanted into a level of drawing not previously within the usual capabilities. It really was magic!
Now I am as enchanted as I was then. Having seen the movie, it became imperative to re-read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Why else have I not posted my thoughts on SpongeBob Squarepants as cultural icon, or how iridescence has become as adventure in quantum physics? Obviously I am under a spell of some kind. I do hide it well however. I did keep my appointment in town, I did get laundry done. I did feed the cat. In addition, and in honor of both Harry Potter and JK Rowling, I did cast a spell of my own (BIG thanks to Roy Tanck) on some moonflowers. ~~wingardium moonflowerosa~~The result was the moonflower nebula at right. So, in closing, thanks and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to JK Rowling and Harry today. And thanks to Roy Tanck for the 'spell'.

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