To Followers and New Guests...

To Followers and New Guests...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weddings, Magic and Iridescence

I am still pondering cows jumping over the moon. I am still re-reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Oddly what connects these seemingly unrelated topics is a property called iridescence. I am assuming that if one possesses a magic wand, and has the power to use it, that it would leave a trail of irridescent sparks in its wake. It also occurs to me that sometimes the moon appears to be irridescent. Perhaps I am mistaken, and I am doing my moon gazing with rose colored glasses. It's hard to compare; one cannot, after all, gaze at the sun to search for that elusive property. It is hard to even define. If I was going to be really poetic, I'd say that iridescence is joy captured in light. If it was sound, I'd say it was light hearted laughter. I actually realize I like just thinking about it -or perhaps just like thinking about it. I've been thinking about weddings these past few days too. Pictured here is my nephew Joe and his bride Trista. I like including little details from my real life into paintings; theirs was a very special wedding. The wedding making all the news this weekend was on YouTube. It made the local and national news on Friday night...but I was so busy reading I didn't log on to see it. Then my husband came across it on Sunday afternoon. Seven million people had already gotten a look at the joyful entrance. It will not replace my children's or Joe & Trista's as favorite weddings-I don't know these folks. But I've already watched it at least 5 times. Probably more before I log off for the night. I added to my YouTube favorites. I posted it on my facebook page. It is not within my power to make everyone I know happy, but I sure can share what it looks like. I hope that you can enjoy it as well. Have an iridescent day! :o)

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