To Followers and New Guests...

To Followers and New Guests...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Simple Things of Summer

Simple things I enjoy ...
* fireworks ¸.•*¨`*.¸.•❊, fireflies and sparklers...
*and birthday candles like those for Christina today
*the 4th of July
Next to Christmas, my favorite holiday
*Small town parades
*The swirl, snap and whoosh of an American flag on a warm breeze
*Ceiling fans
*Oscillating fans
*Foamy lace sliding down the sides of a glass of Summerfest beer
*Bing cherries in a great big bowl
*Bubbles, simple spheres of iridescence
*the drone of dog days cicadas
*Old photographs
*New photographs
*Skin-so-soft mosquito repellent
*The smell of suntan lotion
*State fair
*Watching my husband’s eyes when attending the judging of dairy cows
To watch this generation of farm kids vie for Junior Champion
*Drive in movies
*Popcorn in red striped boxes
*The sound of children giggling in a kiddy pool
Gershwin’s “Summertime” sung by anyone, but this is sooo my fave
*My new Reeboks; I swear they are re-aligning my spine.
*The smell of a campfire
*Pik-Nik potato sticks
*Pink Lemonade
*Maxwell Street Days at Field Park
With my daughter
And 2 of my three grandchildren
*One of who likes the more relaxed pace of summertime
*One of who likes being able to have sleepovers in the middle of the week!
*And the simple joy of discovering new swimming pools
*But both agree on one thing
And that is fishing in the boat
*I watch and take photos, they fish.

*The water laps against the side and splashes when they release their catch back to the lake.

*Simple sounds become symphonies on such perfect days. May you have your perfect day today Christina!
Happy Birthday
One Love
: )


Char said...

what a wonderful list!! and i haven't thought of potato sticks in a long time. i love them.

Visually Oriented said...

Photographs - new or old - such great things!
Lemonade and the sound of a the flag moving in the wind - don't you just know it is summertime then?!

A lovely post!!

Christina said...

this is so beautiful and fun!! oh yes, the state fair. thank you for the sweetest package of the day. im all~ noooo way! lol

PinkInklings said...

Oh u R so welcome Christina :)
I don't know who is having a better time, u or us!

SE'LAH... said...

fireworks, fireflies and sparkler....
meet me in da Christina's backyard, by da grill ;)

one love

chasity said...

that's a wonderful list.

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