To Followers and New Guests...

To Followers and New Guests...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Keeper

The news reminded me that today is offishally FISH DAY in Port Washington. It is the biggest one day fish fry anywhere, and yes, it is a very good time. This post being rather late-the fireworks are probably over already-it's best to mark your calendars for next year. As Port is a much further distance from where I live now, we have not gone for some time. But perhaps with an electric or solar powered car...well, you never know. Where we live now does have this fish in front of the house. It's a keeper. It's a mailbox. One of a kind.
Speaking of Keepers, that is also the name of of Quidditch team member. Which brings us back to Harry Potter. It may be needless to say but we did not finish our popcorn, which is rare. I could say we were paying such rapt attention to the film that we forgot to eat. I could say we were so engaged in the film we were unaware we had popcorn. Or, I could just say, if you are a Harry Potter fan, books or film, see it. Yes. If you have not read the books, some of it may (or may not) make sense. But that should not stop you. You can always ask some of the 104 milion other people who've already seen it. It stands well on its own as a film (and I do tend to be picky about these things). Which is why this post will be short. I am going back to re-read the book...and wait until the movie comes out on DVD. (....fade to Hedwig's Theme...)

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