To Followers and New Guests...

To Followers and New Guests...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Night Lights

You'd think that a blog associated with moonflowers would have more to say when celebrating 40 year anniversaries of landing on the moon. Especially when the same week contains a solar eclipse by the aforementioned moon. I must admit to a bit of a block; then again there's a lot to sort through whilst contemplating such significant events. I knew there was stuff in my head-I just couldn't find my keys. I needed that ol' EUREKA moment, which finally occurred when I found me a muse. The cow jumps over the moon. If that's likely to happen any time soon, I'll bet it'd be in Wisconsin. I began pondering an image I'd seen somewhere, and discovered it to be the work of an artist named Lowell Herrero (added a link over there in the artist column) Now I know that I am going to have to create my own version. I've got moons, moonflowers, stars, but no cows at night.
I remember the night of the moon landing. I know it was a defining moment in history, but at the time I was a little reluctant to celebrate it. I was waiting until they got back in the landing unit. I was waiting until that unit got launched back into space and was on its way home. I guess that makes me a bit of ‘Doubting Thomas’, but all of this space adventure stuff was still uncharted territory. It was comforting to hear the words from Genesis being read; the words were a good anchor when boldly going where no man had gone before.
Now we’ve got an International space station; I love the global collaboration. Imagine thinking ‘outside the globe’ and the possibilities it opens. I guess that is why I would like to see space travel continue-as long as we can be reasonably sure of the safety of all concerned. And I also glad they are fixing up the Hubble telescope. Those images are breathtaking and beautiful. Now there’s an Artist at work. It is no stretch for me at all to hear “Let there be Light” when someone defines the Big Bang theory. Thank God.

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